"A Woman's best jewellery is her shyness." Fatima RA

Anonymous said: I don't live in London but that's sad to know.

Yes it is, but allhamduiliah there is a big muslim community in London which I am soo thankful for allhamduiliah . Eid Mubarak anon

Anonymous said: Idk you always talk about dawah man, sry

Loool anon you really don’t rate me :(

Living in London on eid many young folks go out with their bf or gf to shisha lounges or these places where they play Bhangra and Bollywood music and everyone dances with one another. And this isn’t what eid is about so I read on Facebook tht he wants to go and give dawah which I am happy about.

Anonymous said: You have a crush on dawah man?

Astaghfirullah no no no NO!

And why would you think that !!!!

I have to rate dawah man, his going to go to the most popular place in London where many youths go to celebrate eid by smoking shisha, or have a dance off. Someone needs to tell them how it is.

Omd! I just saw pictures of the gathering of the Iftar party I was invited too, which was going to be a mix gathering and they are at a shisha bar! Alhamduiliah maayn glad I didn’t guilt trip myself into going! Phewwwww

Men have such a blessing, they can go out and travel without having to have a maharram accompany them. I never thought I would travel alone, but if I had the opportunity my dream would be to save enough to visit Makkah again. Just me, myself and I and the kabah. That would be such an amazing alone time.

My friend said she will apply henna on me and this was the outcome! Never again !!! 😱😱😱😱

Eid Mubarak everyone!

May Allah swt shower his mercy, blessing and peace upon you and all your loved ones.



Its crazy how two sided everything is. In this past week one of my cousins got engaged, and another cousin was blessed with a child. Then I’m reminded of two stories from Gaza that went viral.. One where a sister lost her fiance close to their wedding date, and today’s story about a baby who…

This sadly is true, 5 days after my brother had past away my mum gave birth to my sister. I remember feeling so happy ad sad at the same time. But Allah knows what is best for us.

I don’t usually ask for a dua request, but I feel that one day I might regret not asking you guys, if you could kindly make dua for my grandad, and ask Allah swt, to soften his heart and allow him to enter into Islam. My grandad is a Christian, and he is deeply devoted to his faith, I just pray that one day he will see the beauty that Islam has to offer. It’s weird when a lot of Muslims find out my grandad is a Christian, they become shocked that even though they try to hide their reaction it’s written all over their face, And I know what they are thinking. My grandad is a good man, and when he believes in something he stays firm to his choice, I just pray that Allah guides him. I can’t imagine how our beloved prophet pbuh felt when his uncle left this world as a non believer. May Allah guide us all, Jazakallah khair for your time, may Allah reward you.


❤️ Free Palestine Save Gaza

And my soul is in Makkah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Free Palestine
Save Gaza

And my soul is in Makkah


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13 years ago today my little brother became terminally ill. From a healthy little boy to a child who’s life was dependant on a life machine. I remember after he had passed away I would always be envious of those who had there brothers still with them. Although I was only nine years old, I always thought that he would always be here with us. It was only after he was gone, that I realised how much little time we really have with our loved ones.

Although I lost one brother Allah swt blessed me with more than I could have imagined. Being one of the eldest of grandchildren, Allah blessed us with a brother and all my other cousins are all boys too, The majority are under the age of ten.

SubhanAllah it’s amazing how Allah swt gives us so many blessing and sometimes we don’t even realise it. I feel like Allah swt saw the struggle of a family that had grieved so much. but as we all know with every hardship there comes ease. He blessed us with children who inshallah we can watch grow up to be good Muslim men.

All I see lately is innocent young children being brutally murdered and I can’t help but think what there family are going through, I know just how hurt they must be feeling.

Ramadan is nearly over but the struggle and hardship that many of our brothers and sisters are facing isn’t over yet and they need us now more than ever. Don’t forget the Ummah in your dua’s tonight, we forget sometimes how much we need each other.

Driving through Tower Bridge late at night is super cool, nobody’s around and you just day dream about life.


Gaza: Is this a war on children?

Jon Snow has been speaking to youngsters in Gaza City about their lives and how they’re coping with living in a war zone. And he also talks to Dr Mads Gilbert…

Everyone, watch. Share it to others. And again, this is not about religion. This is about humanity! If you have no heart watching the children suffering like this, you are not a human. 

This breaks my heart, these poor little children. May Allah protect those that are oppressed.

Seriously every time I see someone condone what Israel is doing by praising how considerate they are for warning civilians that they are in a few minutes going to bomb their house, so that they have a chance to “escape.”

Do you realise what you just said ?

Thank you Israel, I appreciate just how sweet and considerate you are for letting the civilians in Palestine know that before you bomb them, you are going to give them a 5 minute warning to inflict fear and terror upon them by letting them know that their lives will be over in a matter of minutes. Please do tell me where are these people meant to go?! there is nothing they can do but wait for the explosive to hit their house.

Do not make excuses for Israel, there is nothing considerate about them.